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King Bee is an Award-Winning Animation & Production Company based in the icon Elstree Studios. We produce animations for brands, music videos, animated series, education and much more. Feel free to call us on 03332470377 or email us:

A Hive of Imagination

King Bee animation is a boutique animation production company based in The Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, UK. We have over 19 years experience producing animation for a broad range of brands and storytellers - Check out some of our recent works below:
Brown hair girl watering flowers on a balcony

The Long Night

King Bee are proud to be working on an exciting movie about the Holocaust that uses the medium of 2D animation to express strong emotions in a very uniquely artistic way.

Zayn and Zayna

King Bee has been working with Waqar & the talented team at Safi Ideas on animating episodes for their series ‘Zayn and Zayna’. Above all the series centres around a Muslim family living on a farm and the comedic antics the kids and animals get up to.
Muslim family dancing together in front of fruit stalls
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Latest News

King Bee have had a busy 2022 So Far - Check out the latest buzz below:
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King Bee's Series Development Website

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